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Samsung Galaxy A5 – 5-inch display and 5MP front camera

Samsung’s just announced a new series of mobiles, revealing the Galaxy A3 and A5. The announcement GOES BIG in the word “selfie,” with Samsung sticking 5megapixel front-facing cameras in both models. The A5 has a 13MP main unit and the A3 comes with an 8MP proper camera. Both phones are powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core [...]

Huawei Honor 6 is mid-to-high-end Android for £249

Huawei’s taken a new approach with the launch of its latest Honor [sic] smartphone, with the Honor 6 being sold direct through Amazon right now for £249 — cutting out the usual network partner approach. For that kind of money the latest Honor is quite impressive, offering a 5.0-inch screen running at 1080p resolution, 13MP [...]

Asda opts for Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite exclusive

Asda is sort of starting a new tablet war with Tesco and its stonkingly popular Hudl, thanks to a deal to sell an exclusive version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Lite in store and online. For just £89 you can have one, although with just a 2MP camera and dual-core chipset, don’t go expecting lightning performance [...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom — 10x optical zoom and 16megapixel sensor

Another of Samsung’s massively leaked future models has been officially announced today, with Samsung UK confirming we’ll see the Galaxy S4 Zoom launch here some time during the summer. The phone’s all about the camera, featuring a 10x optical zoom and a super-chunky design that’s rather similar to last year’s Samsung Galaxy Camera model. The [...]

Motorola RAZRi now on Three UK, from £17 a month

Mobile network Three is continuing to expand its serious/business relationship with mobile manufacturer Motorola, with the RAZRi joining the old Defy+ in being sold through the network today. Prices start at £17 on the cheapest tariff, rising to £23 for a “free” RAZRi and connection to the network’s unlimited data tariff, or more if you’d [...]

Flick Golf! Free launches on Android today

More than half-decent developer Full Fat has released an alternate version of its Flick Golf! game on the Play Store today, which it’s calling Flick Golf! Free. You can probably guess what’s different about this one. The game includes friend score leaderboards and the ability to “Play the same game on any device” which, we [...]

Asus Fonepad now available – 7″ tablet/phone hybrid for £179

Asus has launched its bonkers Fonepad in the UK today, with the 7″ tablet now available on the likes of Amazon for £179.99 including delivery. For that you get an Intel Atom powered 7″ tablet running Android 4.1 at 1280 x 800 resolution, alongside 1GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard media storage space. Which [...]

Archos mobile range starts at £79.99

Archos has announced plans to launch three of the new Android phones that were rumoured earlier this week, all of which will offer an unskinned version of Android 4.1 as their OS. The three models are the Archos 35 Carbon (£79.99), the Archos 50 Platinum (£179.99) and Archos 53 Platinum (£199.99), offering screen sizes you [...]

Android Outlook app updated with… Windows Phone design

A brand new version of Microsoft’s Outlook (nee Hotmail) Android app has just gone live on Google Play, finally binning the tired old Gothic look for a completely fresh and much lighter layout. What’s a bit odd is to see Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 design cues appearing on Android, with the end result being a [...]

Google joins the “to do” list scene with Google Keep

Google’s new Android app Google Keep sounds rather similar to the augmented note-taking apps built by Samsung, LG and the other phone makers, offering you a sort of visual notebook tool that pulls in lists, photos, images and more, complete with a checklist system for making sure you haven’t forgotten the bread. Or the cheese. [...]