UK getting 1.9GHz quad-core Samsung Galaxy S4, not the eight-core unit

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch made mention of two versions of the hardware, one featuring an eight-core Samsung Exynos processor with the other running on a quad-core Snapdragon 600 series chipset from Qualcomm. While we initially assumed the UK would receive the eight-core Samsung unit, that’s not the case.

Samsung has been handing out this stock response when UK blogs ask about the S4′s internal hardware:

“Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a 1.9GHz Quad-core AP or a 1.6GHz Octa-core AP. The selection of AP varies by markets … In the UK, the Galaxy S4 will be available as a 4G device with a 1.9GHz Quad Core Processor.”


Which won’t make an enormous difference in terms of the overall feel of the device in use. But it’s something to bear in mind when boasting about how many “cores” your new phone has when the S4 arrives this April.

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  1. Jack

     /  March 20, 2013

    Hi Gary, I was just wondering where you got this information from? Did you get the statement yourself or is it from If it’s from the latter, I think it’s good form to reference it!

  2. Lloyd Christmas

     /  March 20, 2013

    In the words of Danny the Dealer – ‘Very foolish words, man’.
    The British love their phone tech, and love bragging rights even more.
    Hope Samsung back-pedal on this.

  3. Unless the Exynos 5 features longer battery life compared to Snapdragon I ain’t fussed to be honest.

  4. To be honest, the octa-core isn’t anything that amazing. It can’t apparently even use all eight cores at the same time.

    It seems as though having the quad-core version won’t make much of a difference for everyday users.

  5. Stephen

     /  March 21, 2013

    If all 8 cores worked at once the phone would be dead in 1 hour!

    From what i’ve heard from a few people and read i think there’s a surprise on the way in the form of the S600 1.9ghz chip being the better performer….. We shall see…..

    • Cups

       /  March 21, 2013

      Might that mean one’s pushed as the S4 4G on EE, while the other model’s the standard version for the other networks?

  6. ThePeninsula

     /  March 21, 2013

    GSM Arena also saying UK will get both
    Sorry it’s only the mobile link

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