BEST DEALS: Xperia Z “free” on £26 unlimited data tariff

Sony’s exciting new Xperia Z has already joined the masses in the popular £26 A Month Club, thanks to online phone specialist taking a few quid off the contract price of the 5″ quad-core mobile.

Meaning that for £26 a month you get the Xperia Z, a T-Mobile SIM along with 500 minutes and unlimited text messages, plus – hooray! – T-Mobile’s Full Monty unlimited mobile data plan. T-Mobile’s data plans specifically mention that they cover web browsing alone, so it’ll be throttled should you attempt to run your torrent empire through it…


…but for normal web and app use it’ll do just fine and should indeed be free from caps. Check the deal out here. It’s a proper good one. We’re not pretending this time.