BBC Sport app now on Android

The BBC Sport app has BROKEN FREE from its iOS shackles, with the BBC launching its new sporting app on Google Play. The app’s free, designed to work on Android devices with displays of seven inches or less, and offers all manner of live commentaries, streaming video through the BBC’s Media Player app and loads of individual pages for teams and matches.

Some of the content is still farmed in through the BBC’s mobile web site, though, plus the sharing options are pretty crappy — the Facebook and Twitter links take you to their mobile web sites rather than popping up Android’s usual built-in sharing tools. Which is a rubbish idea.

bbc-sport-android-2 bbc-sport-android-1

bbc-sport-android-4 bbc-sport-android-3

But it’s still just about better than using the mobile web site to learn about the ways in which “our boys” are losing at various kinds of sport this week. Check out the new BBC Sport Android app here.