SNK launches Metal Slug 2 on Android

SNK Playmore, in association with emulation specialist DotEmu, has filled a big gap in the availability of the Metal Slug series by releasing Metal Slug 2 on the Google Play shop. The classic 2D game costs £2.49 in our kind of money, and includes a Mission Mode for attacking individual levels in the comfort of your own home.

For Android, the code features the option to moves the on-screen buttons around, so you can choose a play style that best suits where you like sticking your thumbs…

metal slug 2 android 1

metal slug 2 android 2

…plus there’s a Bluetooth cooperative play option if you like sticking your thumbs in and around someone else. And it also has Score Loop integration for simple online high score tables. It’s Metal Slug 2 jazzed up a bit for today’s digital world. Check it out here.