Huawei Ascend G330 now available through Amazon, from £179

A handful of retailers are now offering Huawei’s upgraded, dual-core Ascend G330 for sale through retail BEHEMOTH Amazon, with both black and white models now available for THE HAVING. Prices for the Ascend G330 start at £179 for the white model, which will arrive from a European supplier. So you might get the wrong kind of plug in the box.

The black version can also be bought for just over £180 through Amazon UK, although we’d advise you get the white one as the black unit is mind-numbingly DULL in appearance.


Shame the Ascend G330 isn’t nearer the G300′s £100 launch price, although presumably that lovely price was achieved here thanks to Vodafone subsidising it a little. We’ve used the Ascend G330. It’s a solid, powerful little thing, hampered only by its 512MB of RAM that limits its multitasking performance a bit. Apart from that — quite nice.