STATS: Android 4.X reaches 39% of all devices

Google has updated its informative Platform Versions data, filling us in on how the Android ecosystem looks as the OS enters 2013. It shows another leap for the many versions of the code based around the 4.0 release, with just over 39% of all Android devices now running something built around version 4.0 of the platform or above.

And finally, Google has stopped including the “Cupcake” version 1.5 of the OS in this data, which was listed as running on 0.1% of devices back in November

android market share 2013

…while the “Jelly Bean” software is off to a flying start, with just over 10% of Android users now running the newest code. This data covers the two week period ending January 3rd, so includes all the new Nexus 7s that would’ve came online on Christmas Day.