Virgin Media launches "unlimited data" PAYG SIM from £10 a month

Virgin Media’s mobile division has rejigged its PAYG options, adding a new Big Data bundle, which is yours when you top up £10 a month. In return for adding £10 of calling credit to your SIM, Virgin now gives you unlimited mobile data and 300 SMS messages, or you can bump that up to unlimited texts in return for topping up £15.

It seems pretty simple. Here’s a little table:


Virgin Media uses the EE/Orange/T-Mobile network to provide its coverage, a fact we love pointing out as it means we get to use the technical industry term MVNO.

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  1. Timbo

     /  November 1, 2012

    Good timing. So is that tethering as well? Anyone done any speed tests on virgin? Do they limit data speed compared to TMobile?

  2. MarkT

     /  November 1, 2012

    pretty good offer by virgin. never used them before, so i’d be interested to know if their connection is any good

  3. jb

     /  November 1, 2012

    Just checked the terms and conditions, states that internet is mobile only so no tethering :(

  4. bigcanariaz

     /  November 26, 2012

    It’s a good offer and mobile package.
    It has very good speed, is ideal to visit your email, your facebook, your social networks in general.
    You can see yotube videos, listen to online radio, you can even use “BBC iPlayer TV”
    I’m very surprised.
    Have connection 2G and 3G operators with “TMOBILE AND ORANGE”
    I live in “S5 7DJ” and no signal problem.
    Stop dreaming, this is an imagination, all does not exist for 10 or 15 pounds a month, if you really want unlimited data, better to hire a line at home and pages 40 to 70 pounds per month.
    My recommendation is not to hire “Virgin Mobile” has conditions that do not explain in its fine print, nor do they say on their website, I do not see.
    My experience is:
    It has a 10GB limit when you reach 10GB, your speed is reduced by 60-80%, it is impossible navergar well, you can not open your email, you can not get into facebook, you can watch videos from yotube.
    I have a Samsung Wave, which only serves to make calls and receive calls.
    Virgin Mobile UK is hiding the reality in this offer.
    When you can not reach your 10GB navigate well from 12pm till 12am, is a real ordeal navigate these times.