PlayStation Mobile app out now for certified Sony phones and tablets

An updated and refreshed Sony gaming app is now available for most modern Sony smartphones and tablets, with the company launching its PlayStation Mobile app for Android. You can download the thing direct from Sony (if you own one of these certified devices), with the app popping up an all-new way of buying miniature indie games.

The main focus of the PlayStation Mobile app is, unsurprisingly, the PlayStation Store, which breaks down content into app and game categories, in a really quite slick and stylish manner. Here it is:



If you have a PlayStation Network account, you’ll be asked to sign in to ease the payment process and link-up your data across devices. But I don’t, for historical reasons. You need one to pay for stuff, though. It’s compulsory.


It’s not particularly well stocked at the moment, and the big Sony brands you might expect to see are missing, but it’s there, it works, and prices start from 40p and go up to about a fiver.


The Xperia T, which we’re using to take the above images, comes pre-loaded with a “Let’s Start PSM” app, which is basically a shortcut to the app download link. And there it is.