ACCESSORY REVIEW: Case-Mate Tough Case for Galaxy Nexus

Reader Damo continues his quest to become the world’s foremost expert on matters pertaining to after-market Galaxy Nexus housings.

Well what do we have here? Another Galaxy Nexus case review, perchance? Just in case you’ve read our critiques of the other cases available for Google’s front-line handset, here we have a slightly different proposition.

The Case-Mate Tough case certainly lives up to its name, offering an unprecedented degree of rugged protection for your beloved blower.


This case offers not one but two levels of resilience. It’s actually two separate pieces, with an internal silicone skin sitting inside a rigid plastic shell. The power and volume controls are covered by the skin, but there are openings for the charging socket, headphone port and three-point charging port – although the final one is pointless, as you’ve got more chance of fitting a herd of elephants into a Mini than you have of getting the Galaxy Nexus into a dock with this case fitted.


Installing the Case-Mate Tough case is a bit of a faff, if we’re honest. We tried inserting the silicone skin into the plastic shell first, and then cramming the phone into place, but it proved almost impossible. The easiest option is to pop the phone into the skin to start with, then man-handle that into the shell.

It takes a lot of tugging and pulling, but it does work. You may find that you need to gently massage the silicone skin into place once you’ve inserted it into the outer case, as the volume and power buttons can’t be properly pressed until everything is perfectly positioned.


Once you’ve got the case properly fitted, you’re blessed with one of the most well-protected handsets in mobile history. When clad in the Case-Mate Tough case, we dare say that our Galaxy Nexus could withstand pretty much any disaster, short of full-scale nuclear conflict. Every single inch of the phone’s casing is entirely covered, and the silicone skin clads all of the delicate corners, ensuring maximum protection.


Obviously, with two layers of defence, the Case-Mate Tough case really bulks the phone up. It’s noticeably thicker than any other case on the market and as a result will make the device feel much larger and heavier when placed in your pocket. If you purchased your Galaxy Nexus for its svelte frame, you may want to look at some of the thinner (but less tough) alternatives, such as the Case-Mate Barely There case.


This case is easily one of the most impressive we’ve seen for a mobile phone. It’s a little bit pricier than its rivals, but if you’re a butter fingers or you work in an environment where your handset is at risk of damage, then this should be standard issue.


The Case-Mate Tough case for Galaxy Nexus is available for £29.95 from Mobile Fun. It’s the Rolls Royce of cases, but such a high cost is nothing compared to replacing a £500 phone you clumsily dropped down a flight of stairs, out of your front door and into the path of a passing steamroller.

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  1. Looks like a direct copy of the Otterbox cases that have been around for some time. Plus Otterbox also do variations on this theme giving more (or less) protection depending on what you need.

    The pricing looks similar too.

    Would be interested to see how the 2 compare

  2. CYL

     /  January 22, 2012

    I just got the Otterbox Defender for my Galaxy Nexus which costs a bit more than this from MobileFun. Arrived yesterday and it is well impressive (going skiing with it) – it offers 3 layers of protection as it has a hard shell with a built-in screen protector and then a silicone shell on top of that. Add the belt clip case and it makes the big phone even more intimidating! However it does keep the entire phone well protected.

  3. Rik

     /  January 22, 2012

    I have been using this case and a martin fields screen protdxtor for a while. It’s the perfect combination and already proven itself when my girlfriends mum sent my phone flying four feet and landed face down on a tile floor!