Three UK runs out of HTC Desire stock – upgrades for existing customers stopped

UK network Three has sold out of its “upgrade” stock of the HTC Desire already – and that’s before the phone has even officially launched on the network.

RABID pre-orders by existing Three customers looking for contract upgrades have absorbed ALL of the network’s upgrade stock of the Android phone, and if you click through to Three UK’s HTC Desire page and place a dummy order you’ll see that the earliest delivery date now being offered to new customers is April 23.

Here’s how Three announced the latest Desire STOCK CRISIS to hit the UK on its car-crash of a blog post:

Just to confirm, we have now sold through our current batch of upgrade Desire stock.

If you have already spoken to us and had your order and deal confirmed then don’t worry, you’re covered. If you haven’t spoken to us yet, then I’m afraid we won’t be able to pre-upgrade you to the Desire at the moment.

We’re trying to source additional stock today so I’ll come back to you with an update when I have one.

The Desire will launch in-stores on 20th. For those of you who wish to upgrade in-store in the last 30 days of your contract you will be able to do so then. Of course this is all dependent on the Desire stock availability in your local 3 Store.

And here, in case you haven’t seen a photo of an HTC Desire yet today, is the phone:

htc desire sold out three uk

It really is worth reading the 300 comments (!) on Three UK’s Desire price plan announcement update, it’s a very, very angry place. We have every sympathy for people who’ve been caught out by the unprecedented demand for the Desire in the UK, but really – it’s just a slightly better mobile phone. There’s no need for so many tears.

Three is still insisting the Desire will launch across its physical retail stores on April 20 as promised, so if you want one it might be a good idea camping out the night before. Seriously.

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  1. That’s pretty disgusting. “Sod our current customers, we’ve already got your money so we are going after new ones instead of sorting you lot out first”

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