ORANGE: "High demand" for HTC Desire leading to delays

The rugged and customer-facing Conor from Orange has just sent out a Tweet into the angry internet world, apologising for delays in getting stock of the HTC Desire out to Orange customers, as yet another network falls victim to the UK’s current bout of DESIREMANIA.

The Desire isn’t even listed on Orange’s web site yet, no doubt because all stock is being hoovered up by customers in its physical stores and those canny enough to have already scrounged an upgrade to a Desire over the phone.

Here’s the quote:

“HTC Desire fans: high demand is equaling delays in getting stock across all our channels. Working to fix this as a priority. BIG apologies”

And here’s the stock image. Always good to get it used before lunch time:

htc desire orange stock

Also, the few people who HAVE received HTC Desires so far through Orange aren’t particularly happy. We’ve had a couple of email moans that Google Talk has been blocked, plus there’s a whole suite of unremovable Orange apps pre-loaded on the phone.

A bit of a pet-hate with the hardcore early-adopting types, that.

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  1. Rob

     /  April 16, 2010

    I got mine on Tuesday (after ordering it on Saturday) and it’s a great phone! Only found out about the unremovable apps yesterday when I tried to delete a few game demos. Until I find a way around it, they’ll annoyingly be staying put.

    There’s probably an App for that.

  2. Ceri

     /  April 21, 2010

    Any more news on the Google Talk blockage?

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