Category: Picture samples

VIDEO: 1080p Galaxy Nexus sample clip

A chap called Romain Guy, who’s one of the more public-facing of the many Android engineers, was given the task of creating a 1080p video clip to best show off the video recording powers of the forthcoming Galaxy Nexus. Here’s what he came up with, which is a longer version of the clip Google itself [...]

Social photo-sharing app Pixamid launches on Android

The new Android version of Pixamid promises to do one thing – organise group photos from events. Everyone installs the app on their phones, which then tags all pictures taken at a specified “event” so they can be shared easily with all attendees. So, if you see someone else being very brave and taking a [...]

Dr Who Online Android app iWho now available

Popular Dr Who web site Dr Who Online has put together an Android app, which is up on the Android Market now for £1.19. We’re not entirely sure what benefits this paid app brings over simply reading the web site, although perhaps it might be nice for serious fans to have easy access to podcasts [...]

Samsung Galaxy Ace review – web, app & game performance

We’ll continue our Galaxy Ace review today, despite being quite annoyed that yesterday’s installment is currently sitting there with only one “retweet” to its name. And that was generated automatically by the system when the post was uploaded. Anyway. Here’s how the Samsung Galaxy Ace performs as a web browser, plus we’ll answer the boring [...]

CAMERA SAMPLES: Photos taken with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Here’s something we’ve not done for a while. These photos were taken using the super sexy Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, which, as we’ve already seen, comes with a promising 8.1megapixel camera and a lens & sensor combo Sony Ericsson seems to be pretty proud of. So here’s what Sony Ericsson’s latest Android phone camera is [...]

Acer Stream review: Camera and photo samples

We’ll continue our Acer Stream review with a look at the Android phone’s camera. The lens round the back of the Acer Stream is rated as a 5megapixel model, capable of recording video at 720p resolution. Results are OK! Here’s a collection of photos taken on the Stream – click on the image to see [...]

PHOTO SAMPLES: Pics taken with the Motorola MILESTONE XT720

Motorola’s just uploaded a whole stack of sample photos taken with its upcoming MILESTONE XT720, showing off the sort of output you’ll get when using the Android phone’s 8megapixel camera and Xenon flash. Well, actually the flash isn’t demonstrated in the test shots, as they’ve all been taken outside in the sort of bright light [...]

PHOTO SAMPLES: Pictures taken with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

Here we are then – D-Day for mobile phone cameras. Sony Ericsson has squeezed a staggering 8megapixel digital sensor into its imminent X10 Android phone, and will be marketing it as THE phone for sociable people who don’t want to compromise on picture quality. So that’s the bluster. But what are the photos produced by [...]

PHOTO SAMPLES: Pics taken with a Motorola CLIQ (AKA DEXT)

The Motorola CLIQ, which we call the DEXT in Europe and is available in the UK exclusively through Orange, is Motorola’s first Android phone, predating the DROID/Milestone. It comes with Motorola’s MOTOBLUR smeared over the top of Android, in case Google’s seamless integration of social networking stuff isn’t good enough, plus there’s an impressive 5megapixel [...]

PHOTO SAMPLES: Images taken with an Acer Liquid A1

Ahh, the Acer A1. Looks a bit chunky, runs a marginally customised version of Android 1.6 and boasts a whopping great 3.5″ touchscreen running at 480 x 800. The phone was reviewed well by most outlets, although we’re yet to actually see one in the flesh so can’t even pretend to have an opinion on [...]