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Freesat Android app launched

Freesat, the vague organisation behind those TV tuners that let you get satellite TV without paying Sky any money, now has an official Android app. On a basic level it’s an EPG to tell you what’s on over the next seven days, although viewers with one of the more recent Freetime set-top boxes can pair [...]

Moto Maker for Moto X hitting Germany on July 1st

After way too much time as a US-only exclusive and with the phone it pimps to the extreme already starting to show its age, Motorola’s finally ready to launch the Moto Maker customisation service for the Moto X in Europe. According to Motorola Germany, the case modding service will launch exclusively for those who buy [...]

VVVVVV and Super Gravitron hit Android

Indie genius Terry Cavanagh, who robbed us of the first half of 2013 by releasing the staggering Super Hexagon on Android, is back. He has two new-to-Android games up on Google Play today — VVVVVV and its spin-off mini game friend Super Gravitron. VVVVVV is the main treat. It’s a crazy gravitational platform game in [...]

SwiftKey Keyboard now £FREE

The popular SwiftKey Keyboard , which we’ve been banging on about constantly and using intermittently for years now, has changed. It’s now properly free for all to use, with the maker binning the one-month free trial version and making the full app now free for everyone. The standard version of the alternative keyboard now includes [...]

BBC D-Day’s Last Heroes app commemorates 70th anniversary of landings

The BBC’s D-Day’s Last Heroes app is a sort of app recreation of and companion to its documentary about the historic WWII landings, combining original footage with new interviews filmed for the TV series in 2013. Maps and timelines help explain the events of June 1944, as survivors pop up to tell their stories about [...]

BBC 50 Years of Horizon celebrates science stuff on Android

The BBC has popped up a new app to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Horizon science series. The Android app has a timeline of episodes dating back to the 1960s, also featuring a collection of interviews with presenters who offer their favourite moments from the programme and a few clips of the most interesting [...]

Random true/false gossip app Secret now on Android

Secret, the app that took the tech world by storm by generating an equal number of true and completely false rumours, is now on Android. The app offers the chance to say anything you like “free of judgment” by allowing users to remain entirely anonymous, although it’s also part social network, with people able to [...]

Half-Life 2 out now on Android*

*Nvidia Shield. Astonishing news on the game front has arrived today, with an Android conversion of PC legend Half-Life 2 now available. Sadly, through some Nvidia promotional business, it’s only for owners of the Nvidia Shield right now. But that’s sure to change in future, either officially or unofficially. Here it is: If, by some [...]

“METAL SLUG, the pinnacle of 2D action-shooting on NEOGEO returns in a Tower Defense / Strategy game”

Says it all. Publisher SNK Playmore has released Metal Slug Defense on the Play Store, a game that takes the 2D art style of the classic shooters and shapes it into a modern mobile tower defence game. As well as solo play it offers “Online VS Battles” for those after a bit of multiplayer action, [...]

Historical classic Defender of the Crown arrives on Android

After existing on iOS for (literally) several years, there’s now a version of Cinemaware’s legendary Amiga adventure Defender of the Crown for Android. It costs £1.49 in our money, offering “100% accurate emulation” for Android fans of the ancient Amiga game. Be careful, though, as some of the early comments from impulsive day one buyers [...]