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Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.4 update leaked

Samsung’s forthcoming Android 2.3.4 update for its astonishingly fast Galaxy S II phone has been leaked, with those brave enough to take a punt on installing it… installing it right now. According to reports, it adds support for Google Talk Video, fixes the “lag” that some users noticed on the lock screen and there are, [...]

Motorola Defy Android 2.2. update for T-Mobile at the "start of July"

Following the exciting release of Android 2.2 for the impressive Motorola Defy Android phone a couple of weeks ago, UK network T-Mobile has announced it’ll be bringing the update to users who bought branded versions of the mobile through its network. The update will be ready in July. It’s even pinned down the bit of [...]

Best Android games #11: Mini Army

We’ve been amusing ourselves with a copy of Orange Pixel’s Mini Army on Android for the last week or two, a top-down war game which the maker seriously under sells as being a “Basically a Snake clone”. It is a Snake clone, but one given a superb cartoon military design, reminiscent of the 16-bit glory [...]

Best Android games #10: Abduction! 2

We’ve been playing a game again. This time it’s Abduction! 2, which maker Psym Mobile kindly sorted us out with a review copy of a few days ago. It’s just gone live on the Android Market this morning, and here’s what it’s like. You should know what Abduction’s about – the original has been downloaded [...]

The Best Android Games #9: Scramble Touch

We’ve been a bit slack on the games-reviewing front recently, but were convinced to give Scramble Touch a go by a couple of visiting iPhone users we encountered. They were MAD for it. The actual iPhone game this is based on is called Word Scramble 2 and is a Zynga production, but the Android Market [...]

The Best Android Games #8: Flight Frenzy Deluxe

OK, let’s be honest – we started playing Big Fun Games’ Flight Frenzy Deluxe expecting it to be nothing more than a terrible clone of our beloved Flight Director. We thought we’d end up slagging it RIGHT off and having a good old laugh about it in the process, too. But no. Credit where it’s [...]

The best Android Games #7: Red Stone

It’s been a while since we last updated our ‘Best Games’ listing, mainly because we’ve been stuck playing nothing but the amazing Flight Director and a bit busy reviewing apps and all that sort of serious stuff. However, then came Red Stone. Like about 98% of Android games, Red Stone is based around moving coloured [...]

The best Android games #6: Buka

Time to address the Hexage catalogue! While we do admire the technical performance and presentation of Android darling game Radiant, the simple fact is Radiant’s left/right touch controls are too vague to make it a proper contender as a serious ‘twitch’ based shooter. It’s also less than smooth on the EuroDroid Android 1.6 HTC Magic. [...]

The best Android games #5: Flight Director

Another absolute blinder of a game, Flight Director suits touchscreen play perfectly. We’re so glad we embarked upon this personal journey to play all the new and old-but highly-thought-of games on the Android Market, as it turns out there are some right GEMS out there among the Michael Quach offerings. Here’s a very dull screenshot [...]

The best Android games #4:Newton

Newton is an amazing little game that just went up on the Android Market over Christmas. It’s probably a clone of something that first appeared on the Commodore 64 back in 1984, but we don’t care about that – it’s an utterly ingenious little physics puzzler. That looks like this… You are a little yellow [...]