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XCOM: Enemy Unknown now on Android

Here’s quite an exciting thing for mobile gamers. XCOM is now on Android. People loved it on PC and the “proper” home consoles, with the Android release from 2K Games claiming to offer a full-power mobile recreation of everything that made the strategic combat title such a popular smash. Here are some men crouching down [...]

Mr Flap is a Flappy Bird homage that’s… quite good

We spent a few happy minutes blissfully playing Mr Flap last night, a game that takes the Flappy Bird mechanic and flips it… folds it… bends it… into a circle. It’s circular Flappy Bird, with players flapping at moving gates that expand to change position as your tiny bird “laps” the course. That’s all you [...]

R-Type II now on Android

Another classic from yesteryear has popped up on Google Play, with our favourite retro porters DotEmu sticking up R-Type II yesterday. The difficulty settings have been tweaked because people today are WEAK and PATHETIC (and playing using on-screen buttons), there’s a variety of control systems to choose from, plus auto-fire and aspect ratio tools. Plus [...]

Sonic Racing Transformed out now on Android

Sega’s transition to mobile developer continues, with a version of its well-received home console Mario Kart clone Sonic Racing Transformed arriving on Android today. For £2.99 you get to race 10 characters around tracks inspired by Sega games of old, with the game’s Google Play listing claiming multiplayer racing is “coming soon” too. We can’t [...]

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas now live on Android

One of the largest and most popular games in the history of all gamekind is now on Android, with publisher Rockstar sticking Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas up for download today. For a £4.99 investment you get a game that’s been “remastered” and contains “improved character models” compared with the PS2 original, plus there’s cloud-based [...]

Sonic 2 now on Google Play

Possibly the most IMPORTANT Sega game of them all has just arrived on Google Play, with the Android version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 now yours in return for £2.18. It ought to be a cracker too, as it uses the same engine that powered the stunning version of Sonic CD, plus this “remastered” release [...]

Double Dragon Trilogy now on Android

Retro specialist DotEmu has another Triple-A classic up on Google Play today, with Double Dragon Trilogy now available for the upfront price of £2.69. For that you get Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone, which have been enhanced with new control schemes and difficulty settings to take [...]

Ridge Racer Slipstream coming to Android this month

Publisher Namco Bandai has sent us the below image, which comes from new mobile racing title Ridge Racer: Slipstream. Despite never being as good as Daytona USA or Sega Rally, Ridge Racer’s a huge “proper console” franchise, so its appearance on Android and iOS is a pretty big deal. There’s a trailer of Ridge Racer: [...]

Rovio gets in on the Candy Crush cloning with Juice Cubes

Angry Birds developer Rovio and its Rovio Stars offshoot has released a new free game on Google Play, which it calls Juice Cubes. It is, and we think we’re legally entitled to say this as fair opinion, quite similar to casual smash Candy Crush Saga, offering a familiar kind of colour-matching play style and complete [...]

“The latest game from the PROFESSOR LAYTON adventure game series”

That’s the BOMBSHELL product description found beneath new Android game Layton Brothers Mystery Room, a title published for Android by developer Level 5 Inc.. It’s a free to download thing, with the initial preamble and the first two cases included for free. Like those and you can pay for more cases, which is a better [...]