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Google: Android had one billion active users last month

Google’s Sundar Pichai gave us some stats around Android at this year’s Google I/O developer event today, revealing that the mobile OS saw over one billion individual active users over the last 30 days. Here’s a chart: This new stat replaces the previous device activations numbers, which we tracked over the past few years to [...]

Sony Xperia Z 4.4 update now live

Some users in “selected markets” should soon start seeing their older Xperia Z phones prompting them to update, with Sony making its Android 4.4.2 or “KitKat” software available from today. Sony’s update changes the lock screen design, updates the status bar and notifications tabs to KitKat standard, fiddles with the supplied email and messaging app [...]

STATS: Android took 70.7% of smartphone sales in Europe last quarter

Analyst Kantar has pulled its latest set of numbers out of the bag, revealing the makeup of the European smartphone sales scene for the three months to the end of March 2014. It shows that Android was its usual super-dominant self, with Google OS mobiles accounting for 70.7% of all smartphone sales. Apple was in [...]

STATS: KitKat on 5.3 percent of Android devices

The arrival of Google’s 4.4 KitKat code alongside the new Nexus 5 and its appearance on phones like the massively popular Moto G have helped KitKat to a 5.3% share of the Android world thus far, according to the latest set of Platform Version data released by Google. The figures show that the various Jelly [...]

STATS: 998 million smartphones shipped globally in 2013…

…and a staggering 79% or 785 million of those were running Android. Those are the stats published today by analyst Canalys, with the 2013 smartphone total showing a massive 44% increase on shipment numbers for 2012. Android’s growth saw it rise from holding a 68% share of the global smartphone market in 2012, although it’s [...]

UK Moto G Android 4.4.2 update starts “today”

*Checks for update* According to Motorola UK, the hot new sensation on the block ought to be seeing its KitKat upgrade arrive from today, with the company… *Checks for update* …announcing that the Moto G 4.4.2 update ought to start hitting people’s phones from today. But, it says the process will take a week before [...]

STATS: Android takes 81% of smartphone shipments in Q3

New data compiled and released by IDC shows Android smashing through another milestone as it heads toward total world domination, with the analyst claiming that 81% of all smartphones shipped in Q3 of 2013 were powered by Android. In terms of numbers, that’s a staggering 211.6 million individual Android phones, with nearly 40% of the [...]

Android 4.4 KitKat release outlined by Google

Google’s official developer portal has updated with all the details on the new Android 4.4 or “KitKat” version of the OS, which ought to be available to owners of recent Nexus phones over the coming days as well as arriving on the Nexus 5 . As far as Google is concerned, the key new feature [...]

STATS: Android “Jelly Bean” now on nearly half of all devices

Google’s once again pumped out some new data from its Google Play servers, charting the versions of the OS used to connect during the previous fortnight. Android 4.3 and the rest of the “Jelly Bean” versions are now taking control of the scene, with a total of 48.6 percent of all connected devices using a [...]

Android 4.2.2 arriving for HTC One X and One X+

HTC’s UK people have announced that it’s BIG EXCITEMENT TIME for owners of last year’s two flagship Android models, thanks to the HTC One X and the slightly upgraded HTC One X+ now receiving their Android 4.2.2 updates via an official over-the-air notification. The update also brings the Sense 5 user interface additions to the [...]