Category: Weird Apps

WEIRD APP: Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter is an Android app designed to help the shy to think of something to say in social situations. It seems to just pop up random questions to blurt out when it all goes quiet. Here’s the app’s amazing description: This application Generates Random Questions to help you out in those tough situations. – [...]

WEIRD APP: Profanity Buzzer

On the off chance the Android Market is actually working when you read this AND you’re a fan of quirky UK sitcom the IT Crowd, here’s an incredibly well-targeted new Android app – the Profanity Buzzer. It’s basically a joke app based on the appearance of the swearing-beeping device in an episode of the show, [...]

WEIRD APP: Sex Places

Sex Places is by our old friend (ENEMY) Michael Quach, famed Android Market app distributor (fire bomber). It is literally nothing more than a list of places where people might conceivably have sex. No instructions, just some places. Here’s the description: 100 places where people have sex! Check out some of the most exotic, fun, [...]

WEIRD APP: Tips to Becoming Famous

Tips to Becoming Famous is no-doubt a well-meaning app, of similar type to the many advice-based spam web sites out there designed to hoover up Google spots for every conceivable search term that might come to mind. It’s basically a “think positive” e-book. Here’s the description: “Tips to Becoming Famous will give you all the [...]

WEIRD APP: Age of Consent, for the "hardened sex tourist"

We love this description attached to the Age of Consent Android app. It’s brilliantly honest: Whether you’re taking part in a pub quiz when that tricky question on a country’s age of consent arises or your a hardened Sex Tourist looking for a new destination, this app is the perfect reference tool. This application is [...]

WEIRD APP: Drink-O-Meter

Drink-O-Meter is an Android app that lets you keep track of the drinks you’ve had in any particular evening, even syncing via Google Calendar and generating a pie chart illustrating your most popular beverages. Bizarre. Technically impressive, but very strange. Here’s the description: Drink-O-Meter is an app for tracking the drinks you drank. * Customizable [...]

WEIRD APP: Dental Video Lexicon

This is a very odd one. Dental Video Lexicon supplies users with links to videos that explain dental ailments and possible treatments, so if you’ve got that thing where your teeth hurt after biting into a Cornetto, this is for you. Here’s the description: Checkdent is your way to get the newest Videopods about teeth, [...]

WEIRD APP: Company Name Generator

If you’re about to start a company and are happy to leave the name of it completely up to fate, here’s the solution – Company Name Generator. It just makes up a short name. Here’s the description: “Generate company names quickly and randomly. With this app you can find the perfect company name for your [...]

WEIRD APP: Gary Coleman Tribute

Show your sadness at the passing of the troubled 1980s child star well before his time by… installing an Android tribute app which streams a varied selection of images of Gary Coleman onto your phone. What will they think of next? The app’s Android Market description simply says… “We’ll miss you Gary” Indeed. A moving [...]

WEIRD APP: Fake Battery

You’ll never guess what Fake Battery does. OK, you probably already have, that is quite a descriptive name – Fake Battery generates a low battery warning screen so you can, according to the maker, get out of having to let someone else have a go on your phone because your battery’s dying. Here’s the app’s [...]