Category: Rubbish Apps

Michael Quach is BACK – with Girl Facts

Michael Quach, the super-spammer of the Android Market, has returned with yet another addition to his bizarre catalogue of spam apps – in the form of Girl Facts. It is basically a list of very obvious social references covered in his advertising, and the best advert for Apple’s aggressive app filtering system. Here’s Quach’s description: [...]

RUBBISH APP: Justin Bieber Quotes

Honestly, are we really supposed to be hanging on the every word of a 16-year-old teen pop sensation? What sort of MADMAN would trawl through Twitter, copying and pasting the “best” Bieber quotes, then placing them all into an Android app? Here are a couple of Bieber gems, to TERRIFY YOU before bedtime: That one [...]

RUBBISH APP: Burger King CallPhoto

You know, the one thing we really don’t understand is this trend for apps that let you look at a photo once you’ve finished a phone call. Why is that? Why would someone want to do that? Here’s the baffling description. It doesn’t say WHY: “View photos when you finish a call! These pictures are [...]

RUBBISH APP: Brushy – Teeth Brushing Timer

It’s for… people who need to be told how long to brush their teeth for. Honestly, we dread to think what an advanced bottom-wiping app based around the same concept would look like. Here’s the bizarre Android Market description attached to Brushy – Teeth Brushing Timer: “Brushy can help you brushing your teeth properly! It [...]


That man from the Americas who’s often in the news has his own Android app – only it’s nothing of the sort. The Obama app that’s getting a lot of internet time at the moment is a basic RSS-based tool, that simply scrapes Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and various blog searches to pull up anything that [...]

RUBBISH APP: The War of the Worlds

Obviously it’s a GREAT book, we are not commenting on the quality of the literature here – it’s an all-time classic everyone needs to have enjoyed in written form. What’s RUBBISH about The War of the Worlds on Android is that it highlights the practice in which Android developers stick out-of-copyright (AKA free to reproduce) [...]

RUBBISH APP: Good Night Messages

In return for bravely downloading this to your Android phone, you get 75 pre-written “Good Night Messages” to send via SMS. Confused about what a good night message actually is? Let the maker explain… “Goodnight messages are usually sent as a good night greeting. some buddies like to send funny good night jokes. And almost [...]

RUBBISH APP: Estimate Horse Weight

Have you ever found yourself needing a rough approximation of the weight of a horse? Probably not. It’s an extremely specialist area that doesn’t really crossover with the Google Android specialist area. We’d magine that if you ever DID need to know the weight of your horse, you’d need a precise figure rather than a [...]

RUBBISH APP: Michael Quach presents… Waterfall Pics

Our old chum (ENEMY) Michael Quach continues his ASSAULT on the Android Market and the patience of Google itself, with the latest addition to his ludicrously wide range of apps – Waterfall Pics. It is some pictures of waterfalls that Michael has found, presumably on the internet, then assembled into an Android app, so people [...]

RUBBISH APP: Find Starbucks

You don’t need an app to find a Starbucks, you just need eyes. Look, there’s one. And there’s another one two doors down. And there’s another one opposite it, just nextdoor to the… Starbucks. See? The new version of Find Starbucks, out today, includes support for Google Search, letting you use Voice Search to discover [...]