Category: Niche apps

NICHE APP: Munro Bagging

Here’s a thing we haven’t done for a long time, highlighting a new and extremely NICHE app aimed at a very small group of Android users. Our latest niche discovery is Munro Bagging, an app dedicated to listing and tracking the attempts of walkers and climbers to get to the top of all the munros [...]

BEST DEALS: Unlocked HTC EVO 3D for £249

The HTC EVO 3D has once again been discounted, with the online wing of ASDA now selling the phone for £249 plus a few quid for delivery if you live somewhere sensible. For that you get an unlocked version of the EVO 3D without a SIM card, plus, of course, all the glasses-free 3D Android [...]

NICHE APP: Healing Frequency 528hz

Apparently, according to people who inhabit what one might term the “alternative lifestyle” world, the 528hz frequency has some sort of weird healing effect. Which you can experience on Android, thanks to Healing Frequency 528hz. It generates a tone. You listen to it and, perhaps, get better from whatever illness ails you. Here’s a snippet [...]

NICHE APP: Airports of the World Magazine

We do love a good specialist publication. One of the more special interest magazines out there on the Android Market is Airports of the World Magazine, which you can buy through your Android device for £2.50. In fact, this is one of many, many magazines made available on Android through Tri Active Media, which re-publishes [...]

Literally AVOID DEATH with the Electrical Safety Checklist app

UK charity the Electrical Safety Council has created an Android app designed to help inform users about the good things and the bad things about electricity. It comes with a “simple checklist of potential dangers” to look out for around your house, plus a flagging system to remind users to mention potential problems to someone [...]

NICHE APP: EuroCoins

This one’s designed for coin collecting Android users, offering a full guide to all the various forms of euro coinage that’s been put into circulation since the crisis-struck single currency first launched across much of Europe. It also keeps track of the various one-off commemorative coins issued to celebrate national events. And yes, there may [...]

NICHE APP: Medication Checker

Medication Checker has been developed by the Irish Sports Council. It’s designed to let professional athletes check if particular brands of medicines and additives will result in a positive drug test, should someone from the World Anti-Doping Agency come to see them and demand a sample of wee. In the unlikely event you’re a professional [...]

NICHE APP: Caravan Buddy

Caravan Buddy is a promising new little app, designed to make pottering around the Westcountry like a massive, modern, metallic tortoise all the more enjoyable. It takes camp site review data from The Camping and Caravanning Club database, also offering a collection of tools and caravan control/set-up guides to make the experience all the more [...]

Toshiba AT200 – 10.1″ Android 3.2 tablet only 7.7mm thick

Toshiba has just released some details about its forthcoming new Android tablet, which will appear in Europe under the name AT200. It’ll arrive running Android 3.2, with the main selling point being its super-skinny chassis – which Toshiba says is only 7.7mm thick. The AT200 runs on a 1.2GHz Texas Instruments processor, while its 10.1″ [...]

NICHE APP: Corning Museum of Glass

You may well have head of Corning in an Android context, as its the glass specialist behind the widely used toughened Gorilla Glass product that saves many of us from tears when we inadvertently put our phones in the same pocket as our keys. Corning also has a museum dedicated entirely to glass and, completing [...]