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BT Fon’s an odd little Android app. It doesn’t really offer much more than a graphical front end for your Android phone’s Wireless & Networks management tab, but it does offer to let you auto-connect to BT’s national network of wi-fi hotspots. There’s also a clever little option to have the app always connect to [...]


This is the simplest app we’ve yet featured. No Lock has just the one function – disabling the swipe unlocking requirement of Android 2.x handsets. Once installed, you stick a widget on the Home screen and use it to toggle the screen lock on and off. That’s all it does. Basically it lets you turn [...]

Review: BBC iPlayer on Android 2.2

This is slightly old news to those of you on the BLEEDING EDGE of Android, but if you’re in possession of a phone upgraded to Android 2.2 and loaded with the final version of the Flash Player, you’ll be automatically redirected to the BBC’s hot new mobile version of the iPlayer site. So we thought [...]

GOOD APP: Runner

Exercise, I am reliably informed, is apparently a good way to “lose weight” and “get fit”, as well as “not get diabetes”. With this in mind I have recently taken to wheezily jogging around my estate of an evening, but as you can imagine this was not before an enormous amount of procrastination. Choosing the correct [...]

GOOD APP: London Cycle Hire

London’s about to embark upon a massive experiment, where thousands of bikes are left about the city for users to pick up, and then hopefully not throw into the Thames in a drunken rage at 3.45am when the poppers start wearing off. There are a few apps already out there offering to show you where [...]

GOOD APP: First Aid

First Aid is designed to help you follow the right procedures in an emergency medical situation, or support others who are doing so. Using short texts, pictures, and links to some nicely produced YouTube videos, this app explains how to deal with almost every imaginable emergency, from allergic reactions to poisoning and even electrocution. In [...]

GOOD APP: Where's My Droid?

Studies show that a mobile phone spends at least 2% of its lifespan down the back of a sofa or under a shopping bag in the car, while its owner scrambles around the house trying desperately to find it. If you’re silly enough to put your phone on silent, you won’t even be able to [...]

GOOD APP: ADW.Launcher

It’s a pretty HUGE understatement to call ADW.Launcher a mere app, as the tool basically reskins your entire Android phone in one swoop, bringing numerous customisation options to the desktop setup. You’ll be most impressed by ADW.Launcher if you’re coming to it from one of the vanilla early versions of Android like the commonplace 1.6, [...]

GOOD APP: SquirrelCam

SquirrelCam is, as hopefully you’ve already subconsciously realised, a webcam that’s pointing at a squirrel and you can look at it through your Android phone. Yes, that’s all. If it’s not working, heed the advice of the maker – “If image is black, it’s probably nighttime”. Here’s the description: “Watch live video from a webcam [...]

GOOD APP: Flip Clock Widget Large

If you’re stuck on a ‘vanilla’ version of Android and are lusting over the delicious HTC Sense flip clock that’s EVERYWHERE, here’s a nice solution – Flip Clock Widget Large. It’s a… you can guess. It’s a new, larger, 4×2 icon space version of the same developer’s older Flip Clock Widget. Install it on your [...]