Are YOU fed up of tiresome American Android blogs that do little more than list what new Motorola handsets have been approved by the FCC this week?

Good. Us too. Let’s bring a bit of fun to the Android reporting world. Let’s be more European about it. Let’s be all French and moody, or English and sarcastic, or German and… whatever Germans are like. Together, obviously. Every good blog needs some wingmen.

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GARY CUTLACK ([email protected]), EDITOR
An experienced freelance tech and games writer, Gary has been blogging since long before it was called “blogging” with a long career in web and print journalism behind him (literally).

If you’d like to write for Eurodroid, get in touch with an example of (a) your apostrophe usage and (b) a news piece written in the, er, “style” of the site. We may be able to pay money to good people.