R-Type II now on Android

Another classic from yesteryear has popped up on Google Play, with our favourite retro porters DotEmu sticking up R-Type II yesterday. The difficulty settings have been tweaked because people today are WEAK and PATHETIC (and playing using on-screen buttons), there’s a variety of control systems to choose from, plus auto-fire and aspect ratio tools.

Plus Android R-Type II supports Google Play Games for adding achievements and leaderboards to some play modes. Here it is:



Quite exciting. Yours for £1.49 or your local equivalent here.

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  1. Rik Hemsley

     /  February 13, 2014

    To be fair, I revisited this on an emulator a while back and the only way I could make progress was to rely on the emulator’s snapshot save/restore function.

  1. R-Type II für Android und iOS veröffentlicht