Sega’s original Sonic The Hedgehog out on Android

The game that changed the world and helped make it a better place for the following five or six years has arrived on Android, thanks to Sega publishing its first ever OFFICIAL version of the original 2D Sonic game for Google phone users.

Obviously you’ve been able to play Sonic 1 on Android for years via a number of top quality emulators, but this is the legal, easier way. Sega says we can expect to see widescreen image support, Tails and Knuckles as unlockable characters (SACRILEGE) and the spin-dash move from later Sonics (ALSO SACRILEGE). Here it is:



Sonic 1 is on the Play Store for £2.35. We haven’t yet but probably will soon.

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  1. mintvilla

     /  May 17, 2013

    take my money now

    • Gary_C

       /  May 17, 2013

      I don’t know. Maybe I would if I’d ever bothered buying an Xperia PLAY :(