Service Saver helps you escape motorway journey RIP OFF HELL

This is one of the best ideas for an app we’ve encountered for a long time. Service Saver is designed for UK motorway travellers, pointing out nearby off-motorway supermarkets, and therefore enabling drivers to avoid the MISERY that is paying £3.49 for a cup of tea and £4.69 for a limp egg mayo sandwich in some hellish service station. Google Maps integration simply directs you to the nearest supermarket instead. Result.

There’s a free version of the app too, which, according to user reviews, works perfectly well but is a little vague when it comes to naming the actual brand of supermarket…

service-saver-android-app-1 service-saver-android-app-2

…but still gets the job done. And, as plenty of users point out, filling up your car at supermarket cost rather than service station prices should mean the app pays for itself on your first trip. And you can earn your Nectar points, too.

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  1. mintvilla

     /  May 14, 2013

    As someone who does alot of motorway driving, this is really helpful. Good find, thanks

  2. Netizen

     /  May 14, 2013

    You could combine this with the reg plate chat app and Gary’s suggestion you use it for sex, but with a cheap coffee and sandwich after.

    That’s two recent posts about motorway service stations.

    • Gary_C

       /  May 14, 2013

      Ha, yes, after grim anonymous motorway service station sex a £2.50 ‘meal deal’ and four Mars bars for £1 would pick you right back up again.

  3. Arefin

     /  May 16, 2013

    App’s name should be “Money Saver” instead of “Service Saver” :) , It really saves money.

  4. Lorna

     /  May 17, 2013

    I just love this app…been using the free version for a few weeks now, and just upgraded to the full version – the full one even tells you if there is a coffee machine at the supermarket petrol station :D