SEGA SALE: After Burner Climax and House of the Dead reduced this weekend

If you’re a lapsed SEGA fan too disillusioned with the state of its modern product even to spend £2.39 on an Android version of After Burner Climax, here’s some good news for you, Gary — the game’s been discounted to just 77p as part of a weekend promotion. We don’t know why. It just has. It’s Mother’s Day in America this weekend, but that can’t be the reason.

Also, the newly released House of the Dead spin-off Overkill is part of the weekend discount deals, seeing its price LITERALLY SLASHED from £3.88 to £2.34…


…which lessens the risk of taking a punt to see if the games (a) work on our phones and (b) are in the slightest bit good. After Burner is here and House of the Dead is here. Buy them and play them in five years time on your Nexus 14, at least.