BBC iPlayer Radio now on Android

The BBC’s Android app collection has just caught up with the more impressive iOS listings, thanks to the corporation releasing BBC iPlayer Radio for Google-powered devices. The app supports both Wi-Fi and 3G streaming of the BBC’s live radio output, plus there’s a seven-day cache of older shows for catching up with… whoever they have as DJs these days.

It’s not Dave Lee Travis any more, is it? There’s also an integrated alarm for having it wake you up to the sounds of… whoever does the morning shifts. Which isn’t Simon Mayo any more, is it? And it supports podcasts and video clips. Sounds pretty good. Here it is:

iplayer-radio-android-app-3 iplayer-radio-android-app-4

iplayer-radio-android-app-1 iplayer-radio-android-app-2

There’s a disclaimer on the app’s listing saying that Samsung Galaxy S3 users might experience audio glitches due to a bug it network-specific versions of the OS, which isn’t an ideal problem to have at launch of your new app. Still, there’s a nice landscape layout…


…for those who like doing it sideways. Check it out on Google Play here.