Archos preparing FOUR new Android mobiles

Archos looks like it’ll soon be replicating its SCATTERGUN approach to Android tablets in the mobile phone world, with a spec sheet appearing to illustrate four future Archos mobiles. As with its tablets, these new Archos phones are named after the elements, with a basic single-core Carbon model followed by two mid-range dual-core Titanium units and one quad-core 4.8″ Platinum phone. All four support two SIM cards.

Here’s a chart showing the lot of them, taken from Mini Machines:


Readers have even discovered sales listings for the cheapest Carbon model, which is up for order at a price of 81 euros. Which is about £70. And that April/May availability column means Archos ought to be preparing to sell them any day now.

Link via Liliputing.

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  1. jimshady69

     /  April 17, 2013

    If they’re anything like their tablets then they will work for about 10 days.

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