GameStick will be sold exclusively through GAME in the UK

We are in the unusual position of having two stories about UK gaming specialist GAME up on the site in a row, thanks to the battered bricks & mortar chain announcing that it’ll be the only place to shift physical stock of the Android powered GameStick when it arrives here in June.

GAME is currently accepting pre-orders for the GameStick right now, which it’s selling for £79.99 alongside additional controllers and a separate dock that’ll both set you back £34.99. The GameStick’s designed to let you play games on your telly via HDMI, using Android 4.2 as its OS, a wireless Bluetooth controller to play with and its own custom marketplace for procuring software.


You can also order a GameStick for $79 direct from the US, but that comes with a $24.99 shipping fee for getting it to the UK and loads of worry about customs and breakages. Your choice.