Vodafone confirms HTC One delay applies to UK network contracts too

That HTC One delay doesn’t just cover the SIM-free retailers — the major networks have been told they’re not getting stock of HTC’s hot new phone this week either. According to Vodafone, the HTC One won’t even make it out this MONTH, with the network giving the phone a best case arrival date of “no later than Wednesday 3 April.”

Here’s Vodafone on the HTC hold-up:

HTC has confirmed there’s a delay to the shipments of the HTC One and, sadly, that means we’ll have to wait a little bit longer than we’d hoped before you can get your hands on your new phone.

We’re contacting anyone who has pre-ordered to let them know about this. We’re aiming to have the phones in people’s hands no later than Wednesday 3 April but we’ll update customers directly once we have more information on individual orders.


By which time the ENTIRE WORLD may well be signed up to a 24-month contract for a Galaxy S IV instead. Big disaster for HTC. Such a shame as the HTC One looks like a very lovely phone indeed.