Hotsauce TV launches Catcha Catcha Aliens! on Android

Here’s an odd thing. TV production company Hotsauce TV has launched a game. It’s called Catcha Catcha Aliens! and is your usual sort of infinite runner thing with the added bonus of things to collect as you jump and slide around its maps. Plus there’s a very colourful look to it all. We are impressed by colours, like a moth to a flame.

The big selling point here is the inclusion of “the voice talents of Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross” within the game, plus it’s free to download on Android…

catcha-catcha-aliens-android-1 catcha-catcha-aliens-android-2

…and obviously therefore funded through in-app payments if you like it and want to get more out of it. But wouldn’t hurt to give it a go. It’s on the Play Shop here and the iOS version has already picked up plenty of positive reviews over on iTunes.