Channel 4 launches custom 4oD Android app

Here’s an exciting thing. Channel 4 has finally got its act together and launched a bespoke 4oD app for Android, freeing us from the horrors of navigating its catch-up service via the old, clunky mobile web site.

The new Android 4 on Demand app requires Android 4.0 or higher and will only play programmes via a Wi-Fi connection at the moment, plus there’s no option to download or cache shows for watching while away from a reliable signal, but… it’s a start.

And here it is:

4od-android-app-1 4od-android-app-2

4od-android-app-3 4od-android-app-4

A sad disclaimer at the bottom of the listing says the 4oD Android app won’t support rooted devices, no doubt due to piracy concerns. Which is a bit old fashioned but there you go. Check it out here if we haven’t put you off the idea.