Huawei Ascend P2 pictured

We’re big fans of Huawei, and even bigger fans of last year’s Ascend P1, which coupled a slim chassis with great performance and a very decent camera. This year Huawei’s set to repeat the trick with the Ascend P2, a 4.5″ device said to be powered by Huawei’s own quad-core chipset, and backed by 2GB of RAM for top multitasking performance.

To top it all, the latest rumours suggest the Ascend P2 will feature a whopping great 3,000mAh battery, which ought to keep it running for much longer than its large-screened competition. Here it is:


And a 13megapixel camera, too. We like that. Don’t panic about the OS customisations there, as Huawei usually lets you opt for a relatively untouched version of Android via its Themes system if you prefer. Let’s hope Huawei doesn’t pull its usual trick of delaying then completely ballsing up the launch.

Link via Unwired.