Classic Dreamcast shooter Ikaruga now on Android

It’s not often you get to write words about Ikaruga in this day and age, so we’re going to enjoy this one. Ahem. *Flexes fingers*

Scrolling 2D arcade shooter Ikaruga was released in the latter days of the life of the Dreamcast console, with the game’s Japan-only launch making it all the more collectible and desirable among software-starved Dreamcast enthusiasts, of which we were most definitely a club member with all the badges and newsletter subscriptions to prove it. It then came to Gamecube. Then Xbox Live. AND NOW IT’S HERE ON MY PHONE:

android-ikaruga-1 android-ikaruga-2

Playing Ikaruga is pretty simple. You shoot stuff. There’s black stuff and white stuff, which you can shoot in multiples of three in order to build up a score multiplier, also alternating your ship between black and white modes to absorb bullets and charge up a super-weapon. We think. It’s been a while.

And now it runs on… a… TELEPHONE. You may now never be more than five seconds away from playing Ikaruga.

android-ikaruga-3 android-ikaruga-4

Unbelievable. We think Android Ikaruga has been out for a while, but has only just been opened up and published for installation outside of Japan. It’s a rather hefty £5.62 to buy, but… it’s Ikaruga. If they ever put Radiant Silvergun on Android I will literally sob myself to death with pleasure.

Get it here. Link via Flibble’s Twitter.