Android Super Hexagon now available

If you fancy TORTURING yourself for many hours today, you need to get Android Super Hexagon on your phone. The iOS version of the stylish puzzle game’s been driving players insane for some time, with its super-quick, short bursts of action ideally suited to play on touchscreen phones.

But be prepared. The first game mode is HARD, then there’s the option of HARDER or HARDEST. In short, it is not easy. Hence the rubbish “best times” you see in the below screenshots:



You play Super Hexagon by spinning that little triangle around to escape the ever-narrowing shapes. Then you die. Then you try again. Then you die etc etc.


There are a couple of caveats. It’s not installable on the Nexus 7 tablet due to some bugs the developer’s struggling to fix. And it costs 59p. You will definitely get 59p of fun out of it, though. Get Android Super Hexagon here.