Sega's Sonic Jump now on Android

After a brief and slightly annoying period of exclusivity on iOS, Sega’s Sonic Jump has now appeared on the Play Store. It’s nothing amazingly exciting, though, offering Android users an updated take on the non-stop-bouncy-bouncy genre of game, where the famous blue hedgehog springs up scrolling levels toward an end goal.

It’s a bit like plenty of other games we’ve seen over the years, but has Sonic in it so we’re a bit excited. It may end up being a Christmas-present-to-self in a few days time. Here it is:

sonic jump android 1 sonic jump android 2

That’s Knuckles. Wonder if Cream The Rabbit is in it? Sonic Jump is a paid release costing £1.46 from Google Play right here.

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  1. I remember downloading this on my old Sony Ericsson candy-bar phone 4 or 5 years ago! One of my lecturers a year ago developed the original java game; I never got the chance to talk to him about it though.