Kogan Agora 10" ICS tablet down to £104

Budget hardware specialist Kogan has sliced a chunk off the prices of its two 10″ tablet models, now offering the 8GB Android 4.0 device for a super-cheap £104. That’s the cheapest 10″ Android tablet out there right now by quite a margin.

For that you get a 1024×768 resolution display, dual cameras (2MP and 0.3MP), 1GB of RAM, an SD card slot and a 1GHz single-core ARMv7 processor. Not a disaster given the price.


And an extra tenner gets you the 16GB version. Check them out over at Kogan if you’re in need of a cheap tech-related Christmas present or a spare to keep in the shed.

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  1. MarkT

     /  November 26, 2012

    that is a really good offer, and uk retailer as well. does it have microSD slot i wonder. if only i had a spare £100….

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