Huawei and Vodafone launching new G300 ICS update next week

Vodafone and Huawei have come in for quite a lot of stick from users who’ve installed the Android 4.0 update on their phones, with plenty of reports circulating of broken features and generally poor performance after upgrading the Ascend G300 to the newest version of the software.

But that might change. There’s a new update coming soon that will, at least, fix the bizarre issue of the phone not recognising or being able to remember words in the dictionary. Here’s what Vodafone says about the forthcoming fix:

I’m pleased to say that Huawei will begin rolling out the new G300 software (B952), that will address the broken dictionary issue, from Wednesday 28th November. We’ve tested the other problems you’ve reported and haven’t been able to reproduce them in this new software.


For more info on the Ascend G300 and Huawei’s response to the various issues with the ICS update, read the maker’s Facebook forum. At least it’s now doing a pretty good job of letting people know what’s going on.