Samsung: 30 million Galaxy S IIIs shipped in 157 days

Samsung’s announced some quite astonishing sales data for the new Galaxy S III, claiming to have sold 30m units of the Android phone. We think Samsung actually means it’s shipped that many phones to retailers and networks, as it uses the term “surpassed 30 million from the supply side.”

Even so. That’s more phones than we can imagine by quite a margin. Here’s Samsung’s announcement:

Samsung Electronics announced on the 4th that the global accumulated sales of Galaxy S III for the past 5 months surpassed 30 million from the supply side. The sales of Galaxy S III reached 10 million mark in 50 days, 20 million in 100 days, and finally 30 million in five months. Simply put, one Galaxy S III was sold for every 0.45 seconds, and its daily sales stand at 190,000 units (for 157 days). Samsung Electronics once again claimed the clear leadership position in the smart phone market segment as Galaxy S III became yet another smash-hit with 30 million global sales record following in the footsteps of Galaxy S II.


Shifting 190,000 every day means the Galaxy S III alone accounts for a significant percentage of all Android hardware sales, as the most recent activations data from Google says it’s seeing around 1.3m devices come online every day.