Panasonic Eluga Android 4.0 update now available

Panasonic has launched an ICS update for the Panasonic Eluga, the phone which we’re fairly sure we were the only people in all of Europe to use. Rather oddly, Panasonic’s invented a whole new way of installing OS upgrades, with the Android 4.0 update triggered by downloading and installing an Eluga ICS Update app from Google’s Play Store.

Panasonic’s put together a comprehensive online guide which covers this exciting new process, which you can read here.

eluga ics

We liked the Eluga, it’s a sweet and slim little thing. The main thing we didn’t like was seeing some very crusty old software on it, so this will make it much, much better. Shame you can’t download a bigger battery off the internet, though.

Link via Android Police.

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  1. MarkT

     /  November 2, 2012

    i dont have the eluga, but was curious to look at the update procedure….it will take 100minutes to update?!? a bit long innit?

  2. BLADESMAN1889

     /  November 3, 2012

    and if i recall correctly they’ve pulled the plug on the European market [again].