STATS: Android 4.X now on a quarter of all connected phones and tablets

Google’s developer portal has updated its Android Platform Versions data once again, giving us a list of how the various versions of Android are distributed and used around the world. The stats cover connections to the Play Store over the two weeks ending October 1st.

There’s not much change this time around, although Android 4.X shows a bit of a jump, with the main 4.0 and 4.1 versions of Google’s tablet and phone OS now appearing on just over a quarter of all Android devices that connected to the Play Store.


Just one month earlier, Android 4.0 was 21% of all Android devices, with this rise in 4.0 use coinciding with a small fall in use of the various versions of “Gingerbread” in use out there, which is down a couple of percent – but still the dominant version of Google’s OS by far.

Jelly Bean’s share of that, meanwhile, is up from 1.2% to 1.8%.