Android Firefox updated with Flash support and new look

Mozilla’s mobile team has put a new version of Firefox up on the Google Play Store, taking the beta version of the Android browser up to version 14. The big news for Firefox users is the integration of Adobe’s Flash format, meaning an exciting new world of animating adverts is now open to all users.

The update also sees Mozilla debut another new look for the browser and a useful tabbing system, with Firefox Beta now featuring “significant performance advancements” according to the release notes. Here it is:

android-firefox-beta-14-6 android-firefox-beta-14-2

The font’s pretty big by default, but that can be changed in the options menu. That little “3″ is the tabbing toggle. Pressing that pulls up the open tab page.

android-firefox-beta-14-5 android-firefox-beta-14-1

And that’s the tabbing system (right). Looks nice, but it all felt rather slow on our creaky old Xperia Arc. The latest Android Firefox update is on the Play Store here if you fancy seeing how it works for you.

Link via AP.