Google increases Android app file size limit from 50MB to 4GB

Google has just increased the total file size limit of apps developers can place on the Android Market, lifting it from its current 50MB level to a monstrous 4GB. Imagine trying to download that through a 2G connection on a train journey.

Google says the change is to benefit creators of “high-quality 3D interactive games” who will now be able to upload their titles containing all the data, rather than relying on a separate additional download once the initial app’s been installed. Plus users now see the actual app size including all data on the Android Market listing.

So no more getting assaulted by a shock 1.2GB file download after purchase.


Apps now come with two “expansion files” of 2GB each, which app makers can use to pile in textures, audio and all the fancy stuff we’re getting used to seeing these days. It’ll make life easier for Gameloft, at least, plus you’d imagine Google’s data download servers will be more robust than those of developers and publishers.

Read the full reasoning behind the change over on Google’s Android Developers site.

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  1. I think this will also improve security. Apps currently can easily bypass the 50MB limit by forcing users to download data. I have blogged it here.

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