STATS: Android up to 850,000 activations per day

It’s the graph that won’t stop pointing UP. The last time Google announced its daily Android activations numbers was back in December, when Android boss Andy Rubin claimed Google was seeing an astonishing 700,000 new Android phones and tablets coming online every single day.

Well. It’s now more than that. Much more. Google is now seeing 850,000 new Android devices activated every day, which is quite some increase from the 160,000 daily activations it was recording way back in June of 2010.


And with the likes of these little beauties on the way in 2012, we can’t see Android’s incredible momentum slowing any time soon. Read more over on the Google Mobile Blog.

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  1. MarkG

     /  February 27, 2012

    Apple just shat themselves even more…

  1. 850.000 Android Geräte-Aktivierungen täglich - 24android