Orange San Francisco II now available in, you guessed it, white

Orange is now accepting online orders for the white version of the middlingly-popular Orange San Francisco II, which start at the £10.50 per month level for a contract plus a “free” phone. That bargain basement Orange SIM includes a rather useless 30 minutes of talktime and 100MB of mobile data, mind, so it’ll cost a bit more than that if you want it on a proper grown-up’s tariff.

The phone’s a rather small update of the groundbreaking original San Fran, offering a 3.5″ screen running at 480×800 resolution, with the fun stuff brought into life by an 800MHz processor. And now with white bits on show.


The white model is not being sold direct on PAYG basis yet, so that’s your only choice. And the black PAYG one’s currently out of stock.

Link via SoMobile.