Samsung GT-I9500 sample image, possible Galaxy S III shot?

Mobile news site PocketNow has unearthed a sample photograph taken with a device identifying itself as the Samsung GT-I9500, which could well be the internal model name of the presumed-to-be-forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S II was known as the GT-I9100 series while the Galaxy Nexus was/is the GT-I9250. It makes sense.

The photo’s EXIF data locates the image to South Korea, which also tallies with it being taken inside Samsung’s offices. Here is the seemingly innocuous office scene:


Click on that to see it at full size. Certainly looks high enough quality to have come from a next-gen camera sensor. We should know more about the Galaxy S III in another five or six weeks, when the phone is virtually certain be announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress event.