ACCESSORY REVIEW: FlexiShield Case for Galaxy Nexus

Seeing as we’ve just reviewed the brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus, we’re in the mood for some accessorising – and we don’t mean earnings and handbags. To that end, we’ll be covering a few Galaxy Nexus-themed items over the next few weeks, starting with the FlexiShield Case.

Review submitted by reader, writer, gamer and occasional historian Damo.


Unless you’re some kind of nutcase who uses money for toilet paper and bathes in a big vault of coins like Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales, you’ll want to safeguard the costly investment that is your shiny new Galaxy Nexus. That means the compulsory purchase of some kind of protective case, and there are already quite a few examples available for Google’s new smartphone.


The FlexiShield case uses TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) rather than soft-touch silicone, and this provides several advantages. Firstly, it’s more rugged and resilient to damage, and secondly, it doesn’t cling to the inside of your pocket in the way that silicone does. That might seem like a trivial point, but when you wear jeans so tight they would make Frankie Cocoza’s eyes water, getting your handset in and out of your pocket with as little effort as possible is a serious consideration.


The FlexiShield case has a glossy exterior which makes it visually alluring but also reduces grip slightly. The inside of the case – the bit that makes contact with the phone – has a softer matte finish, presumably to prevent it from rubbing against the phone and causing unsightly marks – not something anyone would want after spunking half a grand on a new blower. Considering the level of protection on offer, the case itself is surprisingly thin – it’s more of a skin than a case, if we’re honest.


Speaking of protection, we submitted the case to strenuous military-grade tests to evaluate its combat potential. By that, we mean that we sheepishly dropped it a few times from a height of about ten centimetres onto a wooden desk, and then nodded sagely at the sound it made upon contact.


There are cut-outs for all the usual ports, such as the headphone socket and micro USB port. There’s also a cut-out over the three-pin connector which links to the official dock and car kit. While we’ve yet to prove it categorically, we’d be willing to wager that it’s impossible to cram the phone into either of those items with the case fitted, so that particular hole seems a bit pointless.


The case we reviewed is in black, but other colours are available. Personally speaking, black is the one to go for. Viewed from the front, the case almost looks as if it’s part of the phone itself – surely the hallmark of a decent case in the eyes of any sane individual. Unless of course you’re one of those people who likes covering their phone in garish multi-coloured skins emblazoned with fake crystals which positively scream “LOOK AT ME, I CRAVE YOUR ATTENTION, YOU HEARTLESS CRETINS”.


Given its low cost, the FlexiShield case is a bit of a winner, really. It manages to combine the sleek look of a silicone case with the durability and sturdiness of a TPU one, and it won’t bulk out your pocket as a result. It’s available from the lovely guys and gals at Mobile Fun for the very reasonable price of £9.99.

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  1. Furbs

     /  December 17, 2011

    Thanks for this,very helpful. Wouldnt want to have been the one doing the drop test!

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