BEST DEALS: Huawei Blaze down to £59.99, plus £10 credit

The already incredibly cheap Huawei Blaze has just had a further £20 shaved off its RRP by Phones4U, which is now selling the Android phone for a rock bottom £59.99 on a PAYG basis. It was £79.99 at launch just a few weeks ago.

You’ll have to buy a SIM card with £10 credit at the same time, mind, taking the total price up to just under £70. The Blaze isn’t the fastest phone around, but it does run quite well and comes in a stylish little curved case. It’s a steal for that money.

huawei blaze 59

And look, seeing as it’s Christmas, Phones4U is also throwing in a bonus £10 of additional credit. Check out the festive joy here.

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  1. Hey ya

     /  December 14, 2011

    Actually it’s had that price for over a week I think. Anyway, it’s incredible – when this phone was announced for 99 pounds in September, reviewers already felt that it was a good value for the money. For 59? It’s disrupted the market. In fact, they don’t even offer an on-contract option – it just isn’t necessary.

    In Spain Huawei has done something similar with the U8650 aka Sonic, which has been sold since July for 79 euros, or 65 pounds. But it’s only available on one rather small network, Yoigo, while the Ideos X3 is available on every important network.

  2. Good to see decent cheap Android phones – will help to get the teen pay as you go market which has recently been dominated in the UK at least by Blackberry!

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