Archos launches 101 G9 TURBO edition 10″ Android tablet

One of the faster versions of those nice looking Archos Android 3.2 tablets has gone on sale, with the AV specialist launching the faster 1.2GHz hardware update of its 10″ Honeycomb tablet.

On the Euro Archos store the 101 G9 Turbo is now selling for £299, which is a £30 premium over the asking price of the regular 1GHz model. So that’s the price you pay for an updated Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor.

archos g9 turbo launch

And as well as the processor boost from 1GHz to 1.2GHz, there’s also twice the amount of media storage memory onboard the G9 Turbo – 16GB. The “turbo” edition of the 8″ model is still listed as “coming soon.”