Samsung: Galaxy S II has sold 5 million units globally

The recent unofficial reports claiming Samsung had sold six million Galaxy S II phones were indeed a bit wide of the mark (some may say “completely made up”), with the hardware maker today officially claiming its latest Android phone has reached the five million sales mark.

The S II achieved this milestone in only 80 days on sale, 40 days quicker than the original Galaxy S. Here’s a graphic Samsung released alongside this news. We have absolutely no idea what it represents. Weight/size of that number of phones?

galaxy s ii five million sales

And here’s the announcement. It’s a little confusing, as Samsung talks about a “turning point” of 10 million sales. Which we think means it’s over the halfway mark and 10m is the eventual target.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Passed the Turning Point of 10 Million Global Sales

Galaxy S 2, which is becoming a global smart icon, finally passed the turning point of 10 million global sales. Samsung Electronics announced on July 27 that its flagship smartphone Galaxy S 2 has marked the accumulated global sales of 5 million units only 85 days (on July 22) after its release.

Galaxy S 2 reached the turning point 40 days earlier than its predecessor: Galaxy S did it in 125 days. Galaxy S 2 acquired 56% of the entire mobile phone market in Korea last month, and it has topped the mobile phone market share in more than 10 European countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. And it seems Galaxy S 2 is ‘still hungry’ as it is now poised to spread its global sensation into other regions like Latin America and China